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January 10, 2014:


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Security Colorado Real Estate agents generally service all of the Southeast Colorado Springs area, including Widefield and Fountain plus sections of town adjacent to Fort Carson on B Street. People who buy and rent homes in Security often have jobs in the tech sector, work at the airport, or may be in the military, but the convenience of Security to Colorado Springs, and the quick commute, makes it ideal for people looking for nice houses, affordability, and newer construction or fixer-uppers. Security is also within commuting distance of Pueblo, so a lot of workers from that town like to call Security home. Real estate agents in Security can often sell homes, show rentals, and manage properties for real estate investors, and in lots of cases apartments are managed by Security Realtors.

Some people complain about airport noise in Security, but I once had a girlfriend who lived in Fountain right by the tracks (I mean 20 feet from the tracks, which is why she was paying $200 a month for rent.) All day, and all night, the train went by. People said you could get used to it, but when the ground shakes it is hard to sleep.

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Special note: Because Security is near the flight path, you may want to spend half a day in the neighborhoods just to see if you will be awakened by planes. We're not even going to mention the live fire exercises at Fort Carson, because you can feel those all the way over in Falcon.