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January 10, 2014
Security real estate agents are reporting brisk sales in the Security-Widefield area, which may be because the rest of Colorado either burned down or washed away.


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People in Security are a quick commuting distance from Pueblo and Colorado Springs, and a lot of workers in the Southern Colorado Springs area enjoy the location.

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Security Real EstateLots of people prefer to live in the Security-Widefield area because of the open spaces, affordable homes, and proximity to Fort Carson, Pikes Peak Community College, and the many industrial areas just south of Colorado Springs. Real estate agents in Security can help you buy a house, rent out a vacant one, or sell your home to people looking to relocate to the whole area in between Pueblo and Colorado springs, including the growing community of Fountain. Many Fort Carson soldiers prefer to rent homes in the Security-Widefield area because of the convenience and more attractive alternatives to on-base housing. Some PPCC students like to rent small homes and apartments near the campus, while teachers enjoy the affordability of the area compared to in-town living. Security CO real estate agents can also act as landlords for your housing, so you don't have to personally collect rent or screen prospective tenants, which requires a certain amount of experience. Agents can also help with MLS listings and give you free access to multiple listing services that will let you find the perfect home in the best area. Even though Security is a small town compared to Colorado Springs, there is a stronger community feeling among its residents.

As of 2014, growth in the real estate market in Colorado Springs has a lot of people looking South for affordable housing. Whether you work in Fountain, near Fort Carson, or even down in Pueblo, getting a home in Security is one way to get there more quickly. As someone who once worked over near the airport and commuted to Manitou, I can tell you that I don't miss all the fender benders and traffic delays when the roads froze, which was pretty much all winter.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Always make sure you are dealing with a licensed realtor who is representing you. Ask your agent if they also represent the seller, because you may not always get the best deal.